Family As Motivators-Module 3


3 hour webinar. Zoom registration required. After payment, email will include instructions. 


Family as Motivators Training Program Manual

was developed and revised by

Dr. Gregory S. Chasson, Jenna Ewing, Ashley A. Carpenter and Brittany Gibby at Towson University.  

Laura Jo Acuna Zavalney, LCSW-S is a professional mental health provider who specializes in hoarding disorder and related disorders. She is using this training manual with expressed permission.

The ENTIRE program consists of three modules: 
  1. Education on the psychology of hoarding disorder
  2. Concepts and Practices of Family Accommodation
  3. Concept and Practices of Harm Reduction

Module 3

Concept and Practices of Harm Reduction

  • One objective of this session is to have the participants understand the history, application, and principles of harm reduction, so that the participant is able to set the stage for a harm reduction strategy, Participants will also learn how to successfully implement a harm reduction plan, as well as learn how to let go, understand, forgive, and grab hold (Keep the Love, Shed the Clutter)
  • Another objective of this session is to have the participants understand the concept of harm potential, understand guidelines on conducting a home assessment, and evaluate his or her loved one’s own harm potential. Handouts will help identify major harm reduction targets to be included in the harm reduction plan.
  • The last objective is to have the participants review their loved one’s harm reduction targets, as well as receive information on how to plan for harm reduction. Participants will be able to create of a harm reduction plan and receive an example of a harm reduction contract for reference.


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