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Hi.  I’m Laura Jo, the owner and a Clinical Social Worker. I provide individual and group therapy for adults in Central Austin. I also provide home visits for older adults. My practice specializes in hoarding disorder, trauma, depression, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).  

Hi! I'm Laura Jo!

Welcome to Copper Bridge Counseling. I am passionate about helping people work towards healthier, balanced lives.

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Hoarding Series

1: Why We Hoard

This workshop will give attendees an opportunity to listen to a short presentation about hoarding. A great deal of time is given to questions and answers. They will leave with a packet of handouts designed to help others talk about clutter and hoarding. Sign up for free 45 minute consultation with presenter to be scheduled at later date.

Upcoming dates:

May 12, 2018   Add to your calendar

June 23, 2018


2: Trauma Informed Treatment for Hoarding

This is a workshop for clinicians seeking to understand hoarding and treatment. Acknowledging that trauma plays a unique role in treatment, the practitioner will be reminded of techniques to build a therapeutic alliance without re-traumatizing the client and thus limiting positive outcomes.

3: ADHD and Hoarding Disorder

The connection between executive functioning and the challenges that come with staying organized. We will look into the current research surrounding this topic. Using the DSM-5, we can walk through a differential diagnosis.

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