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Hi! I'm Laura Jo!

Welcome to Copper Bridge Counseling. I am passionate about helping people work towards healthier, balanced lives.

Are you a family member or close friend to someone who may be hoarding in their home?

Do you feel overwhelmed and resentful and helpless with this situation?

I am here to help. Click button below to learn more about Family As Motivators Training.

Feeling lost?

If you have been feeling lost recently, you may have noticed that it felt uncomfortable. Yet some of you may have felt curiously happy. Either way, and many other ways, your system may be opting for an upgrade. According to the model of ACT (Aceeptance and Commitment...

IOCDF again helps hoarding mental health professionals

This past weekend, IOCDF hosted the annual Hoarding Conference. It was completely virtual with all the likely suspects. Randy Frost, Gail Steketee, Robin Zasion, Michael Tompkins, Renae Reinardy, Lee Schuer, Rebecca Belofsky, Sanjaya Saxena. They presented on the...

Has your family been affected by hoarding?

What is Family as Motivators Training    If you are a family member of someone who has a lot of things, so much that you are VERY concerned, but not sure if this is hoarding....then this is for you! How can I participate? When you sign up below, you will be contacted...

Tele mental health…is it right for you?

The use of technology in health delivery systems is providing access to more individuals than ever before. Professionals are utilizing platforms that ensure privacy and ease.

Hoarding and Attachment Theory: Building on the research

Relatively speaking....... On October 12, 2018,  I will attend the Annual State Conference of NASW-TX where I will present on Trauma Informed Treatment of Hoarding. Although, lots of really good research and treatment rests in cognitive based theories,  I have...

When milestones are met, I feel relief and the work is easier

I parked across the street from the bank hoping that this visit would not take too long. In my hand, I carried copies of the paperwork that I filed with the State of Texas to change my business entity. Although this administrative task of my practice is necessary, I...

Can you get too attached to Attachment Theory?

Of course not. That is silly. I am sure mant therpists would agree with me. I was in attendance for the workshop that Dr. David Elliot, Ph.D. delivered in Austin, TX April 7, 2018. Many therapists who are dedicated to improving the lives of people, listened to his...

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