Family As Motivators-Module 2


This is an opportunity to spend 4 hours with an expert in hoarding to discuss the ways that family members adapt to the behavior of their loved one’s collecting and their difficulties when trying to discard items.


Module 2- Concepts and Practices of Family Accommodation
  • Family members receive an overview of family accommodation, discuss the family member’s role in accommodation, and discuss the consequences associated with family accommodation.
  • Complete worksheets/handouts and discuss various ways to manage hoarding without family accommodation and begin to develop a behavioral contract to decrease or eliminate family accommodation.
  • An introduction to Motivational Interviewing, a therapeutic approach to promote change. Participants will learn more about the stages of change, identify their loved one’s place on the “change wheel”, lastly they will become aware of the importance of empathy and start practicing it.
  • Begin a discussion of appropriate listening skills, which involves 1) active listening, 2) asking appropriate questions and 3) affirming your loved one. Exercises give participants opportunities to practice these skills. We focus heavily on listening skills.
  • We discuss how both the participant’s lives and their loved one’s lives are affected by hoarding. The participant should be able to articulate how those with hoarding are often conflicted between their values and their hoarding behaviors. This session also aims to introduce the concept of change talk, and the participant should feel comfortable recognizing change talk and working to elicit it from their loved ones.
  • Participants learn about the concept of resistance. The participant should be able to discuss specific examples of resistance they have encountered with their loved one. The participant should also feel prepared to respond to additional or continued resistance from their loved one. Additionally, the participant should demonstrate practical reflective listening skills and feel confident to be able to implement these skills with their loved one.

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4 hours with 15 minute breaks


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