I use the phrase, “Find Grace with your Pace” with my clients quite often. Many seem to like the alliteration and more to the point, they like what it could mean. Permission to set the pace at which you are living.

Maybe this seems disconnected or privileged. I realize that many people have limited resources and moving fast (hustling) is the only speed. I hear that. No disrespect to those who scoff. I know where I am and where I have been. But hear me out.

Where I have been recently is in a space of expansion; expanding into new ways of relating to others. In both my professional and personal life arenas, I am building out for growth opportunities.

In contrast, it was not that long ago (18 months~) when I was in a collapsed state…a contraction. Life was preparing me for intense loss. My pace seemed like an interval workout; it was fast then slow, torrid, suspended. Looking back, it felt as though my entire biological system segmented in order to handle the trauma. Yes, some of you are nodding your head. You have been there. Knowing trauma as I do, I knew what to look for and what to do. Somatic Experiencing (“recognize”).

In the present moment, as I write this blog entry, I am realizing that this is proof that I am finding the Grace. Instead of punishing myself for not keeping up with blogging, I simply smile and think, “This is the pace that feels alright”. I did it.

I hope you, reader, can find the Grace with your Pace and in the Present…see the Best of You showing up.

In Peace