I have spending more time in my home office for the last two weeks. Now that I am on Shelter in Place, I am really hitting a new pace for this life. I still have a 9 to 5 mind set. The reality is, minus the commuting time, I have seen a huge spike in productivity and focus. Notwithstanding the news updates that I keep up with, the business has been a solid source of joy. Joy because I have purpose and when we have purpose, we have Joy. I continue to pivot into this new platform, I am hoping to get more options for the public to stay connected to the issue of clutter and hoarding.

I had registered with the Clutterrers Anonymous World Service Organization to start a new in-person meeting here in Austin, Texas. But before I could send out updates to local partners, the Pandemic was threatening our close social arenas. So for now, I am trying to fit this into my flow on a virtual plane. In the meantime, click on the link above to try a phone meeting.

Family Support continues to be in great demand for those who clutter excessively and/or hoard. To this end, I will be taking the Family as Motivators Training Program to an on-demand video platform or maybe Facebook live event, maybe YouTube. I am not sure.