Family As Motivators Part 1 (Classes 1-5)


March 28, 2020  12:00pm-5:30pm @Soma Vida 2324 E. Cesar Chavez St. Austin, TX 78702




Family as Motivators Training Manual was developed and revised by Dr. Gregory S. Chasson, Jenna Ewing, Ashley A. Carpenter and Brittany Gibby out of Towson University.  

Laura Jo Acuna Zavalney, LCSW-S is a professional mental health provider who specializes in hoarding disorder and related disorders. She is has been given expressed permission to use.

The ENTIRE program consists of three modules.  
  1. Education on the psychology of hoarding disorder
  2. Concepts and Practices of Family Accommodation
  3. Harm Reduction

Part 1

March 28th 12:00-5:30pm

Part 1 does not include Harm Reduction. 
Each session is delivered in one hour
Session One: Description- Participants will hear about the prevalence of hoarding disorder,
the course of hoarding disorder, some common characteristics seen in individuals who hoard, and thoughts on how and/or why hoarding may start.
Session Two: Description- Family members receive an overview of family accommodation, discuss the family member’s role in accommodation, and discuss the consequences associated with family accommodation.
Session Three: Description- Review homework from Session two and then discuss various ways to manage hoarding without family accommodation and begin to develop a behavioral contract to decrease or eliminate family accommodation.
Session Four: Description- An introduction to Motivational Interviewing, a therapeutic approach to promote change. Participants will learn more about the stages of change, identify their loved one’s place on the “change wheel”, lastly they will become aware of the importance of empathy and start practicing it outside of session.
Session Five: Description- The objective of this session is to begin a discussion of appropriate listening skills, which involves 1) active listening, 2) asking appropriate questions and 3) affirming your lived one. Exercises give participants opportunities to practice these skills. We focus heavily on listening skills. Homework is given for next session.


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